A little about me

photoshoot-makeupThis is where I share my love for makeup and hair artistry. I refrain from calling it a “beauty blog” because I think there is so much more to makeup and hair than just beauty. It’s an art form, and takes so many different shapes. I love exploring it, and being creative.

I’ve been in the makeup and hair industry for 16 years. I started doing makeup at a little beauty supply in Provo when I was in college, which inspired me to go to cosmetology school. While in school my makeup instructor was Kami Steele, who has done makeup for Saturday Night Live, and shows like 30 Rock.

I did makeup and hair on the runway in Vegas for A Signature Gathering for Paul Mitchell and also had a model who’s hair and makeup I did published in Cut and Dry Magazine in 2002.

After I graduated from Von Curtis Academy (aka Paul Mitchell The School), I went img_20131019_215109on to work at Salon RZ, under Ron Zabriski. While working at Salon RZ, I received makeup education from Burke Daniel, who has done makeup in film and music videos.

In 2003 I started working at MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist. While there I had the opportunity to attend Basic Training, a full week of instruction and artistry, and attend bi-yearly education. I also earned my MAC Certification necklace, which can only be earned if you work for MAC.

In 2004 I switched to a new salon and began working for Lunatic Fringe. Lunatic is well known for their ongoing education. I got to work with and learn from some of the best hair stylists and makeup artists in the world while working for Lunatic.

After I started my family, I decided to work from home while my children were small. I had a salon in my house where I would do hair and makeup, and started a skeletonmakeup artistry blog called Suburban Heresy so I could keep up on makeup and hair trends while I wasn’t working in a salon.

In 2013 I decided to get back to working in a salon, and ended up at Moore Hair Design, which was voted best salon back in 2007. I work with many amazing stylists at the salon, and really enjoy my time there. We have great educators that come into the salon to update us on all the new and current trends. I do a lot of bridal makeup, and occasionally teach makeup artistry to those who want to learn how to apply makeup more effectively, and learn what colors and styles work best for  them.